Noah's Sunshine Coast Water Filters is a local business, owned and operated by experienced, licensed maintenance plumber, Noah Reynolds (QLD Community Fund's Maroochy Achiever of the Year 2010). 

Noah's Sunshine Coast Water Filters recognizes that the quality of water in Australia is rapidly decreasing due to pollution, old plumbing, chemicals, sediments and bacteria that exist in a lot of our reservoirs. These alarming issues create a need for a water purifier in Australia.

Did you know that bacteria in our water are one of the most common causes of sickness and the common flu? The question people ask is, "How do I solve this problem in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner?" The simple answer is to use a Noah's water filter. Water Filters are far more environmentally friendly and economically viable than bottled water.

* Water Filters for kitchens, showers, cafe's and retail venues (with instillation).
* Replacement cartridges.
* Great, all inclusive Water Filter packages.
* All plumbing needs by a licensed and experienced maintenance plumber.
* Local, Old-School service.
* After hours and weekend convenience at weekday rates.


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